Great value and great service! It’s a no frills B fast spot with great drip coffee that’s kept filled all meal long. If you are visiting the strip it’s a very short drive. I would’nt recommend taking a taxi because the cabs rape you and you may explode in the event of a fender bender. Atmosphere is preventing a 5 star due to bright blue wall and plastic chairs.

Ricky R., Beverly Hills, CA

I searched for well rated breakfasts in Las Vegas and I think this was the top hit for central Vegas. The reviews were right on the money. An added bonus was the $20 for $10 yelp deal. It’s in a industrial oriented strip mall on south decatur right off of the 215. It’s clean inside and the staff is friendly. I read in previous reviews that you order at the counter. This is only true for take out now. Since it was purchased a year ago, the new owners have changed a lot of things, our waitress said. One of which was table service. So now you sit where you like and order from the menu with a waitress. Nice. The chairs are patio chairs but it’s okay. Mainly because I expected a nice little hole in the wall with good food and great prices. That’s exactly what I got! Great little place. Down home cooking. Comfort food. I had the chicken fried steak special which came with my drink. I think it was $10.50 or $10.25. My son had the corned beef sandwich. I also ordered decaf coffee and they brewed a new pot for me. Refills were plentiful and quick. We didn’t need to call our waitress for anything and the kitchen got our orders perfect. There is a TV with captions on for watching the news when you’re eating breakfast. I always like that. It was constant traffic the entire time we ate there. Pretty popular and that’s a good sign. I hope they’re around for a long time, I would love to come back. They’re only open for breakfast and lunch. Both dishes come to the table steaming hot, and with nice portions. Everything was nicely seasoned. I added a little salt and pepper because I always do anyways. They also had tapatio, ketchup and tabasco at table. Btw for the coffee, they had vanilla creamer as well as regular. The decaf is the sort of coffee with a sharper bite. I don’t drink regular coffee anymore so it was nice finding decaf with some substance. Not the stuff that goes down mild without any taste. It was good and even better with the vanilla creamer. The gravy over my chicken fried steak was tasty. Lots of chunks of sausage. The breading on the steak was nice and crispy. Not greasy. Big points for that. I ordered my eggs over medium. They got that right as well. I hate eggs that still have a little sliminess in the whites. So it was brilliant. If you’re coming in with the yelp deal as I did, it’s actually hard to use up all of the $20 bucks. I ordered one of the most expensive things on the menu. Drinks are $2.25. Sodas and coffee..etc. Most things range between $6-8 dollars for nice big meals. I would come here without a yelp deal and pay regular prices, it’s on our list of places to eat now when we’re on that side of town.

Swank M., Henderson, NV

Great food, great service. Much better than eating on the strip. We ordered the Greek omelet and Reuben sandwich with soup and coffies. The omelet was one of the best I’ve ever had! It had a lot of garlic and the veggies were so fresh. My husband thought the Reuben was better than every place he’s tried in New York. We also got a cup of beef and veggie soup that came with the sandwich, and it was packed with juicy pieces of beef. You could tell the soup was freshly made. Overall we really enjoyed our meal. Everything came out to less than $18 which is amazing. Definitely give this place a try!!

Ame F., Palo Alto, CA

Great food! Amazing staff and cool space! We’ll definitely come back next time we’re in Vegas! Totally recommend for a great simple tasty breakfast:)

Aymeric B., Manhattan, NY