Omelet was good, service was EXCEPTIONAL. A+ They got free wi-fi too which was a plus, got some work done while munching 🙂

Kush A., Lincoln, NE

Vegas was our last stop on the way home from a long 2,000 miles road trip. We did not expect to eat anything exciting on our last leg of the trip home to Bay Area. I was not even looking for breakfast since we gonna have lunch at Bakersfield. But since the
drive is 5 hrs away I though we better have some breakfast to start the trip home. Looking around Yelp, being me, always on the hunt for hole in the wall local eatery I stumble upon Mr. Mama when I select filter $ for price and best rating. The deal was even sweeter with the restaurant special promo. So it was like half $, I was thinking if I got burn by Yelp youngster review, then oh well, who care it didn’t cost much. The place is locate on main street in the middle of a industrial/commercial/office retails. Thanks to my silly Waze GPS, the uncooperative software showed the location of the restaurant on the opposite side of the road. It takes me 2 detour to find the restaurant. We was seated right way as soon as we entered the restaurant. Our server, Julie (I hope I got her name right after 11 hrs of driving) was prompt and courteous. Due to my clumsiness, I dropped our silverware, and BAM, like a ninja, without asking Julie come right to the table with new silverware within 10 seconds (no joke, she was that fast). We ordered our food, and drinks. I hope they didn’t think that we was rude when we asked for hot water to mix our super strong Vietnamese coffee, since we didn’t order coffee from the restaurant. It takes about 15 mins for all of our food to arrived. We ordered Steak n’ Eggs, Chicken Fried Steak, Mama French Toast, and Sausages and Eggs, stuff that you would expect to get at any breakfast joint. Our food portion was larger than normal breakfast restaurant especially with the price they are charging. Without further ado let me go into the food quality. Our over-easy eggs was perfectly cooked, no burning at the rim, the yoke was oozing and creamy. The steak also cook as we instructed and tender. Harsh-brown has nice crunch and French Toast on point and fragrant. The French Toast has a rich cinnamon aroma to it and deserved to be one of the better slide I’ve ever had. Chicken Fried Steak and gravy was amazing, and best of all, none of the frying stuff was greasy, including home fried. The food simply good, and a lot of it. I guess they must have been part of feed America program, the owner send out complimentary cinnamon bun for our table. To top it off our server asked to refill my OJ, this will be the first breakfast restaurant offered to refill my OJ, simply WOW (funny how I ordered 2 OJ since I didn’t know they refill OJ) Some of other reviewer also mention about the level of outstanding service Mr. Mama has. They are all correct. I think people who have the “LOVE” for whatever they are doing will provide you the outstanding service, simply because they love what they are doing. It shows from the owner to the server. The owner did come out and chat with us for a min or two. After chatting with him, he reveals that he was Greek descendant, which explains the blue floor to ceiling wall. It’s Santorini Blue for those who could not make the connection. I would think it would be nicer if they have some white table or stuff just to enhance the blue. When ranking food quality for the amount they are charging, it is by far the best food quality vs price. You could go to fancy breakfast restaurant and spend twice as much to get about the same enjoyment without the family, friendly of mom and pop shop where every customer is matter, where every meal is matter, where the word of mouth is how a business survive and thrive. All I could do to support their commitment by patronize the local business spread the words about their great food and left the restaurant with a full stomach (until 10 hours latter, as we did skip lunch at Bakersfield on the way back home.)

Dui N., San Jose, CA

Well, it was a very late morning breakfast, so the staff may have just been recovering from a busy morning, but the service was not great.  Took a while to even get place settings.  The food was okay, but I was expecting better after seeing all the 4 star reviews.

Randy K., Las Vegas, NV

What a nice surprise this place was. We were looking for a place away from the strip for a nice breakfast, nothing fancy just quality food. This place had great food, great service and really fair prices! Highly recommended!

Spiros G., Woodland Hills, CA