We saw the great reviews for this place and decided to check it out last Sunday morning since it’s right down the street. My hubby was hesitant at first because its location is not where you would think a good breakfast place would be (it’s in a strip mall next to a faucet store and a hardware shop). The moment we walked in we received top notch service. The kitchen is behind an open counter and all of the guys behind it said hello and welcomed us. There were about 5 other tables but one was like a party of 10 plus. We sat next to a table of a couple who apparently were regulars because both waitresses referred to them by name and gave them an affectionate hug and “how have you been”. All good signs. My husband ordered the chicken fried steak and I took the waitresses advice and ordered a daily special – the breakfast sandwich and beverage for 7.25. I had went online took advantage of Yelp’s 10 for 20 deal but our bill only came to 19 bucks so I didn’t. The steak looked awesome and the gravy looked delicious. The hubby ate it right up. He said that he like it – it wasn’t too greasy or fatty and the gravy was great. My sandwich was quite yummy – but the bacon was the chewy kind – not the crisp kind like I like…but my honey told me that he prefers the chewy kind (I learned something new 🙂 so no fault there. I must say I really enjoyed the coffee and I’m quite the coffee snob! My only complaint was the eggs were underseasoned – both mine and his but nothing horrible – they were definitely cooked perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed when the owner\manager guy came by and asked us how the food was. He ended it with a sincere “I appreciate you guys, Thank you”. And for whatever reason — I really believed the guy — he seemed like he really meant it!! Plus the waitress was really on it and she even said, “did yelp bring you guys in” and we were like yes… I still can’t figure out how she knew that…..lol We are definitely coming back. The hubby was drooling over the Mama’s burger pictures so we are itching to use the coupon for a big lunch. The price, service, and food were top notch and we are looking forward to coming back! Definitely recommend!

Susie H., Las Vegas, NV

Good Food. Good service, quality. We liked it.. pretty basic ‘breakfast-all-day’ kind of place located in a strip mall area off of Decatur.. they also serve other items like burgers, salads and sandwiches. Also .. it’s easy to miss but keep your eyes peeled! its between a few non-food establishments. We had a Yelp ‘$10 for $20’ voucher.. the meal for 2 of us with Orange juice, and 2 breakfasts was about $16.. so it was covered! Happy Eating to You!

ric h., Las Vegas, NV

So after losing all my money on the strip (damn you, 3-card poker) my friend and I decided to save some money on breakfast.  Mr. Mama’s did not disappoint.  We had a yelp deal for $20 worth of food for $10.  It was awesome. I had the french toast with eggs and sausage. The toast was fluffy and the sausages were pattys, mmm deliscious.  My friend had the western omlet and she loved it!! Our total breakfast with drinks came out to $17. We left satisfied.  The staff was friendly and we got our food pretty quickly.  Regardless if I’m winning or losing, I will definitely be coming back her for breakfast or lunch during my next trip to vegas.

Adriana M., Chino Hills, CA

Food and Service with a smile. I had the French toast breakfast bacon was crispy just how I ordered it….Bf had the skirt Stack with ham very good…..

Tanishia W.,