While in Vegas, we did a quick search for somewhere to get breakfast. Mr. Mama’s fit our criteria of being fairly close by, affordable, and having fairly decent reviews. The location in a sort of random strip mall didn’t inspire thoughts of the greatest meal, nor did the somewhat ordinary looking interior. Thankfully I’ve learned not to judge a restaurant by its looks and Mr. Mamas did not disappoint. Between the omelet,  pancakes, and french toast that was ordered at our table, nobody had any major complaints. Given the atmosphere and the prices (which are very affordable), the food was probably better than we were expecting. The side of toast could have used a bit more butter up front, but that’s nothing a little extra jelly won’t compensate for. The service was friendly and attentive. By the time we left they had a pretty decent crowd in there. We considered stopping in for breakfast the next day, but slept a bit late and opted to just get on the road for home instead. Next time we’re in Vegas, though, we know where we’ll be getting breakfast at least once.

Jon B., Raleigh, NC